An HD-2D remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story is coming to Nintendo Switch as Star Ocean: The Second Story R, and it’ll be released on November 2nd, 2023. Ahead of the launch, Square Enix has put together a special trailer for the game. This trailer shows off how the 2023 remake compares to the original 1998 release. In particular, we get to see moments from the intro compared, and it shows that Square Enix is going all-out on this revamp.

Experience an epic tale where Fantasy and Science Fiction collides as you get to know party members via the unique Private Actions system, grow their relationships and unlock a variety of different endings. Play as either Claude or Rena and make decisions that will impact your destiny.

Enjoy thrilling, visually explosive and fast-paced action battles paired with deep skills and crafting systems to customize your party.

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