Tokyo’s most notorious teenage delinquents join another gum-popping turf war, as GungHo Online Entertainment’s free-to-play online action game Ninjalakicks off its second collaboration with the hit anime series, Tokyo Revengers. Now through November 15, players can duel to earn limited-time Tokyo Revengers anime collab Part 2 items and outfits with enough swagger to earn them a spot among the ranks of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Show off your gang pride with a black Toman jacket—just like Takemichi Hanagaki, Mikey, Draken, and other iconic teen punks from the series. All previous Tokyo Revengers anime collab items return alongside new exclusive items inspired by the Christmas Showdown Arc.

Players can now rule the longstanding Black Dragon gang with outfits based on Taiju Shiba and Yokohama Tenjiku’s Izana Kurokawa, for 2,000 Jala each in the Shinobi Shop. Bolster Black Dragon’s forces and pick up the Black Dragon Uniform for 800 Jala as well.

Beginning today until November 15, all players who log into Ninjala will receive one of the following daily bonuses:

  • Tokyo Revengers Collab Ninja-Gums
  • Assist Codes
  • Medals

During the collab, players can earn up to a total of:

  • 60 Gold Medals
  • 1,000 Bronze Medals
  • 400 Silver Medals

Throughout this collab, players can duke it out in intense showdowns within the “Man to Man Brawl” Featured Battles, vying for victory with the chance to claim collab exclusive items including Haruki Hayashida’s Hairstyle, Haruki Hayashida Style, and Invincible Mikey (Badge). The rewards players can receive will be based on the number of consecutive wins achieved in these Featured Battles.

Mark your calendars for November 11, as players are invited to join the “Battle of November 12th: Tokyo Revengers Cup,” a one-day event. Seize the opportunity to test your mettle against fellow ninjas and compete for IPPON decorations and emotes from the collab, with rewards corresponding to your ranking. In addition, the GOEMON Matsuri event also returns today, granting players the chance to claim up to 600 fr

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