Following one more last-minute delay, WORLD OF HORROR is finally arriving on the Switch eShop today. The title is priced at $20 and takes up 360 mb of space.

Brave what lies underneath the thin veil of serenity over the seaside town of Shiokawa. As madness silently infects every unsuspecting resident, solve grisly mysteries to uncover its true source before it’s too late. Scour every shadowy corner for valuable artifacts and perform cabalistic rituals to delay the inevitable. The Old Gods are watching.

Face gore, death, madness, and more in unforgiving roguelike scenarios replete with unimaginably horrific encounters, ruinous curses, and dark, twisted locations. Choose from 14 playable and unlockable characters and strategize to survive, weighing the stats and perspectives of each and sleuthing to their strengths. With each chilling playthrough, our cast may find more entities from beyond will discover them.

Cling to survival in turn-based combat inspired by genre classics. Wield improvised weapons or attack with fists and kicks to live to see the next investigation. Locate sketchy shopkeepers and canine-run retailers to purchase proper weapons and protective gear. Make decisions in battle and in (relative) peace wisely - each choice advances the paths toward madness, death, and…well, postponed death.

Absorb the spectral scenery of Shiokawa and analyze the palpable fear each handcrafted monster invokes. Twisted imaginations fill in the haunting gaps in 1-bit aesthetic inspired by retro Macintosh graphics and drawn entirely in Microsoft Paint. Inspired by the apocalyptic works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, WORLD OF HORROR ushers the craft of these architects of terror into a playable format.

Endless replayability awaits in 20 mysterious cases filled with procedurally generated encounters.

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