Fast paced multiplayer game Witchtastic allows up to four witches to brew potions on Nintendo Switch. The game will be released November 22nd, 2023 on the Switch eShop.

Witchtastic is a couch or online coop multiplayer game requiring precise coordination between all tasks and all players. Expect a lot of yelling! The game has been developed by Red Fur Games and is published by Application Systems Heidelberg.

The game has been a nominee in the category “Best Family Game” at the German Computer Game Awards 2022 and it was the winner as “Best Indie Multiplayer Game” at IndieArenaBooth gamescom 2022. The Switch version offers local couch multiplayer (shared screen), local wireless multiplayer (switch to switch) and online multiplayer (requires a paid Nintendo Switch Online subscription).

Witchtastic is a challenging 2-4 player coop game about brewing and delivering magic potions as fast as possible - play on the same couch or over the internet. Take on the role of aspiring witches and experience charming adventures. Need a break from all the yelling of your friends? You can train in a single player campaign as well! Gather ingredients such as deadly nightshade, garlic or mushrooms and throw them into the boiling cauldron. Quick and accurate communication is the key to success. Master dozens of recipes and embark on a magical journey. If you are ever in need of assistance, your trusted companion Owly is always eager to give you and your mates useful advice. But be wary of the dangers on your journey: Haunted forests, hungry wolves, deadly swamps and many more are waiting for you.

The game is clearly inspired by Overcooked but the team is proud to say that the gameplay has been taken to another level. In a flat learning curve the game keeps adding more and more features that keep it fresh and fun and challenging at the same time.

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