Let’s Sing 2024 - the latest installment in the long running acclaimed karaoke franchise - is bringing players on a musical adventure with its series-first career mode. Sing, croon, or belt your way to musical super stardom in Let’s Sing 2024 when it launches Nov. 7, 2023.

Taking players from musical zero to hero, Let’s Sing 2024’s Career Mode takes players from their humble beginnings as a student at the musical academy to becoming a fully-fledged musical superstar. An adventure spanning across seven chapters chronicling your meteoric rise to stardom awaits.

Along the way, you will meet characters that help you achieve your goals, like vocal coaches Zoe and Chloe Young, who will help you get this show on the road.

You’ll need to keep your friends close and your enemies closer at the academy; you share the same hope and dreams, and there’s only so much room at the top of the charts.

Welcome to your first day at Let’s Sing Academy

Convince your mentors that you have what it takes to be famous, get an agent, and snatch that record deal to get your first album on the road. Your stylist will take care of the looks and your fans will spread the word for you if you sing your chords right. You never know which opportunities might come knocking.

Players will advance through the story by mastering challenges, but also through different gameplay variations. Singing lessons with helpful tips for better performances, battling and dueting with characters they meet throughout the story, and impressing the Academy’s Jury are all keys to making the grade – the Career Mode is guaranteed to help solo players get the most out of Let’s Sing 2024.

Check out Let’s Sing 2024’s full track list and follow us on Spotify.

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