Spike Chunsoft, Inc. today released the fourth DLC for its lucid-noir detective adventure Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE for Nintendo Switch. This fourth and final DLC includes two substories. Ch. Vivia: The Near-Death Detective features Vivia Twilight, the detective with the Forensic Forte “Spectral Projection.” Ch. Yakou: Thank You, My Detective features the Head of the Nocturnal Detective Agency, Yakou Furio.

DLC 4 - Ch. Vivia: The Near-Death Detective + Ch. Yakou: Thank You, My Detective

  • MSRP: $5.00

Vivia Twilight

  • Japanese VA: Yuuichiro Umehara
  • English VA: Aleks Le

He has a decadent and aesthetic atmosphere about him. Often lying down in various places, such as the fireplace at the agency or under the hotel’s grand piano, his personality can be described as self-indulgent.

Forensic Forte: Spectral Projection

Freed from the flesh, the ghost form can pass through walls and floors without being seen by other people.

Yakou Furio

  • Japanese VA: Takehito Koyasu
  • English VA: Kaiji Tang

Head of the only agency in Kanai Ward, the Nocturnal Detective Agency. An aloof and elusive man. Although not a Master Detective, he is certified by the World Detective Organization, which suggests he is an excellent detective.

That said, he is somewhat weak-kneed, and his agency’s policy is to stay quiet and refrain from any overt behavior that might lead to conflict with the Amaterasu Corporation Peacekeepers.

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