While not out on Switch yet, a Halloween update is coming to Secret Neighbor soon. Secret Neighbor unites with Hello Neighbor 2 with a visual overhaul, two playable characters, & more. Here’s what you can expect to unlock in this chilling thrill in the near future.

Graphics get into the spooky spirit! We’ve revamped the art style, bringing it even closer to the eerie aesthetic of Hello Neighbor 2!

New Explorer in town: Quentin. Prepare to investigate the depths of the haunted house alongside Quentin - a master of finding those elusive basement keys.

The scariest Neighbor on the block: Taxidermist. Unlike Mr. Peterson, Otto is a creature of a different fur! 🦨 Armed with a spine-tingling “Sonar,” this skillful hunter will track down any unwanted guests with ease.

Glide and bounce in Secret Neighbor! You can now glide using an umbrella or jump higher and move around maps with trampolines.

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