Publisher Gravity has announced that Wetory is now available on Switch. The title is priced at $11 and it takes up 820 mb of space.

Join the adventure of a discarded child who, after all the colors of the world are stolen by a villain, realizes the power of the paint coming from their feet to defeat the antagonist. Embark on a journey to retrieve the stolen colors from the villain!

“Wetory” is a 3D roguelike game based on a tilemap system. It offers an experience with desaturated backgrounds that reflect the world devoid of colors, contrasted with vibrant monster designs and effects, reminiscent of a fireworks display in the night sky.

Wetory must be played strategically as the player cannot utilize direct attacks, but must, instead, employ tactics of tile interaction and avoidance. The gameplay provides a unique experience unlike any other.

As the player progresses through the game, taking back lost colors, each color unlocks new capabilities with unique attack characteristics. Depending the player’s progression in the game, the colors and skill tree can be freely changed to create a variety of game styles for each instance of the game.

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