While Nintendo is playing coy with Super Mario Bros. Wonder sales, we’re finally getting some figures thanks to weekly retail reports. The latest numbers in Japan came out earlier today, and they show quite an impressive feat for Mario and the gang.

As we shared earlier, Super Mario Bros. Wonder debuted to 638,634 physical units sold in Japan during its first week. That’s a pretty staggering start for Mario’s latest game, and it comes with an even more impressive stat. No other Mario game on Switch in Japan has launched to higher physical sales, with the closest comparison being Super Mario Odyssey, which sold 462k physical copies in its debut week.

Of course, some of you are no doubt wondering just where Super Mario Bros. Wonder sits in terms of all-time Mario game sales in Japan. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the data to figure that placement out. The 638k Super Mario Bros. Wonder sold at launch in Japan just accounts for physical, so we have no word on digital. New Super Mario Bros. Wii and DS both surpassed 900k in their launch weeks in Japan, but there were no digital options for those games. Super Mario Bros. Wonder could have easily achieved 300k+ digital sales in Japan at launch, but until Nintendo reveals a hard number, that’s pure speculation.

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8M ago

Wowie Zowie! That's well deserved. What an incredible game.