LEVEL-5 may have truly made its name for itself during the DS era, but they’ve been making games for longer than that. The company is officially celebrating its 25th anniversary on Oct. 28th, 2023, and they have some plans to share goodies with fans that will no doubt be appreciated.

The developer/publisher has announced that a special series of commemorative wallpapers are on the way, and they’ll celebrate various franchises and characters from throughout LEVEL-5’s history. These will be made available on a special 25th anniversary site, which will be shared at a later date.

Along with that, LEVEL-5 has told fans to stay tuned for information on release dates for their upcoming titles. Unfortunately, it seems we’ll have to hold out until sometime in November to get that information, but at least we know dates are coming soon. With plenty heading to LEVEL-5 from Switch, we should get some exciting info in the very near future!

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