At the very end of June, Mojang kicked off Minecraft Builds, a new series where the devs highlight remarkable community creations. Today they’re back with yet another installment in the series, and you can give it a watch above.

In the fourth installment of Minecraft Builds, seeing a magnificent, un-extinct mob soaring through the skies would be impressive for any builder, but CringyGull decided to set himself another challenge: to do it in Hardcore mode, where just one accidentally misplaced concrete block would’ve left this epic aeroplane a forever unfinished marvel. Luckily for us, CringyGull is a self-confessed “cra-Aazy” builder, and his sniffer aeroplane is complete with glass nostrils (what a view!) and even a Business Suite!

If that wasn’t enough? He’s already working on a new project, and you can get a sneak peek into his process by watching. Spoiler alert: we think it’s egg-cellent!

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