As you might remember, both Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood are coming to a Nintendo platform following a Kickstarter success. The combined Kickstarter ended up being a sizable success, locking in both titles for release down the road. While we still don’t know release dates or even if the games will come to Switch or its successor, we do have a progress update for both titles.

The official Kickstarter for Armed Fantasia and Penny Blood has shared notes from the dev teams that give insight into how things are moving along. You can read quick snippets for both titles below.


  • recently finished concept art for switches that will respond to bomb and knife-type gadgets
  • implemented more gimmicks into the dungeons
  • still writing the main scenario
  • still working on event storyboards
  • still working on character designs, 3D models, animations and kaiju designs


  • in the middle of negotiations with publishers
  • working on character designs
  • image board specialist just finished drawing the indoor race track
  • “Composition Work for Penny Blood vol.3” to be streamed online 10/29 from the TTS PRODUCTS Youtube channel

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