Gungrave G.O.R.E Ultimate Enhanced Edition has been updated to Ver. 1.02. You can read the patch notes for this update below.


  • 900P Resolution Update – Only Dock Mode
  • Enhanced Light & Rendering Quality – Dock Mode / Portable Mode ‘
  • Whole Map light, Rending Quality Up – Dock Mode / Portable Mode
  • The flickering issue when playing in cartoon mode is fixed- Dock Mode / Portable Mode
  • Optimization: Dock Mode / Portable Mode
  • Enhanced loading when you select “Weapon & Character” at the lab

Optimized effects

  • Got rid of energy ball bound property that doesn’t have the bound
  • Optimized ghost Trail
  • Changed the resolution of the Turonty decal texture
  • Turonty skill effect dot is removed
  • Fixed ghost trail for Turonty Standard & Turonty Superior
  • Fixed charge effect of Turonty Superior

BUG: Dock Mode / Portable Mode

  • Fixed screen flickering issue when using Death Tornado(Grave) with the camera point down
  • Fixed an issue where Syndicate NPCs intermittently spawned and did not come down in the Hong Kong Facility level.
  • Fixed an issue where the airplane in the casino level end sequence was blinking.
  • Fixed an issue where an unknown pillar was visible next to the central stairs in the last section of the Sucmland Center No Man’s Gate level.
  • Fixed an issue where casino-level NPCs spawned and occasionally got stuck in glass walls
  • Fixed an issue where the continue screen appeared too bright

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