We first learned of Chicken Journey back in June of last year, and we were told the title would arrive on Aug. 5th, 2023. That date came and went without release, leaving many wondering what was going on. While things have been radio silent for months, an updated eShop listing now shows the game arriving on Nov. 2nd, 2023. Let’s hope the date sticks this time!

Embark on an epic adventure with the cutest chicken protagonist in this relaxing 2D puzzle platformer! See if you can find the answer to the question that dumbfounded sages for millennia: “What came first: the Chicken or the Egg?”

Key Features

  • You are a chicken
  • Explore curious environments and meet friendly creatures
  • Peck your way through varied puzzles
  • Relaxing game with no combat
  • Wonderful soundtrack that you can chill to all day

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