The 3D dungeon crawler Potato Flowers in Full Bloom is launching for Switch today. The title, which is priced at $18, also has a demo available. If you give the demo a shot and enjoy the experience, you’ll be happy to know the save data transfers over to the full game.

As for Potato Flowers in Full Bloom itself, you can read the full press release for this title below.

Six years after the release of Healers Only Live Twice, Japanese indie developer Pon Pon Games has been working diligently for four years to create Potato Flowers in Full Bloom.

Recruit and train your party members as you delve deeper into the puzzling labyrinths in this 3D dungeon exploration RPG.

The game is out now for Nintendo Switch and Steam with a week-long 10% sale starting simultaneously at launch! Don’t forget! The demo is also available for the game with transferable save data so you won’t lose out on your progress if you purchase the full version. So safety first! Grab your exploration helmets and let’s explore the labyrinths! Will you find the seeds and make it back safely?


In a world where soil contamination is a continuous threat for human society, it is said that there are special seeds left behind in an underground labyrinth by an alchemist. These seeds can grow without being affected by the effects of contamination.

Setting up base in the remains of a nearby town, you and the research team are led by your leader as you aim for the depths of the maze.

A First-Person Dungeon Explorer

Gradually expand your range of actions as you delve deeper into the dungeons. The map is procedurally-generated as you progress.

Solve tricks and puzzles to obtain treasures, but beware of the monsters and bosses lurking around every corner!

As the labyrinths have been constructed and renovated by human society across various eras, you might come across some interesting items from the past.Read your enemy’s next move and plan your counter

You can predict the enemy’s next move by reading the displayed icons and your ability to strategically choose your actions accordingly will determine your chances of victory in battle. Actions such as attacking, guarding, and using skills eat up points. Be careful not to run out of points, as you will be reduced to the “Rest” command, making you a sitting duck until your points recover.

Build and train your party however you like!

Form your desired research team at base camp. Available classes include knights, rangers, and shamans. The choice is yours and yours alone…

You can even modify the appearance of each character to suit your liking.

Each class has a unique skill tree, it is up to you how you want to train your party. You can bring up to three other members with you on every adventure into the dungeon, so pick wisely…

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This looks neat to me. I love the vaguely retro 3D look. Looks like a PS1 game without the horrendous aliasing.

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