It’s the return of an icon. The Naughty Bear Collection brings the titular character to Dead by Daylight as a Visceral Legendary Outfit for The Trapper. When the other bears didn’t invite him to the party, they faced his wrath. His vengeful killing spree continues in The Fog, where a different, more horrifying party awaits.

Naughty’s deep-seated disdain for others followed him into The Fog. Thankfully his famous machete can cut through fur and flesh alike.

“This is a fun trip into Behaviour’s history,” says Kirby Taylor, Product Manager on Dead by Daylight. “Back in 2010 we released a game called Naughty Bear, and we’re happy to be bringing him back! The team has put a ton of work into this Outfit, from adjusting nearly all the animations to developing the systems allowing us to support special Outfit-specific Moris. We’ve also added the ‘Visceral’ rarity along with some visual indications in the UI to highlight Outfits with custom Moris!”

This is one Bear you definitely don’t want in your trap. The Naughty Bear Collection is available now in the in-game store.

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