The Brazilian publisher QUByte Interactive, in partnership with oiCabie, will be launching the game Bem Feito for Switch on November 9th.

Bringing together a fusion of engaging narrative and immersive gameplay, “Bem Feito” is a horror and mystery Life Sim game where players follow Reginaldo, a charming and almost silent protagonist. Reginaldo’s simple life revolves around his daily household tasks, captivating friends, and perhaps, unexpected choices that subtly shape the course of the game.

The art style evokes memories of old-school game aesthetics, with a mix of 32-bit pixel art (with a hint of 8-bit flavor) and vintage 3D environments, creating a sense of nostalgia and strangeness.

Created by a team of three Brazilian developers, “Bem Feito” combines elements from the gaming world and the universe of Creepypastas, resulting in an intriguing narrative-driven encounter that captivates players from beginning to end.

A Game Within a Game

Set in an alternate universe where the existence of an old Brazilian console has been lost to time, “Bem Feito’’ introduces players to the Jogaroto, a handheld video game released in the late 90s. By developing an emulator for the forgotten Jogaroto, named GAROTRON, players can now delve into the mystery unfolding between the strange password-protected files and a ROM of the titular game, “Bem Feito”.

An adventure that plays with expectations regarding conventional video game experiences, leading the player to try out an emulator of a console that never existed, explore the files, and eventually venture into the world of “Bem Feito”.

Half game, half creepypasta

The combination of game and creepypasta is the focal point of “Bem Feito”. An immersive experience that allows players to actively engage in the creepypasta narrative, uncover the mystery behind “Bem Feito”, and the secrets of the GAROTRON files!

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