WarioWare: Move It! video reviews

Is Wario a winner?

01 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Hot on the heels of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Wario is on the way with another new microgame collection. WarioWare: Move It! arrives on Switch Nov. 3rd, 2023, and ahead of the game’s release we have some video reviews to share. Check them out for thoughts on the game alongside all-new gameplay.

In WarioWare: Move It!, grab a pair of Joy-Con and get moving as you gently shake, punch, dance, wiggle, and even curtsey through over 200 lightning-fast microgames (minigames that last just a few hilarious seconds). Chop bamboo, break out of jail, return a curtsey, and more as you master some really ridiculous moves.

Battle it out with 2-4 players, each with one Joy-Con controller, in the local Party Mode. Reach the goal without getting caught by Medusa or take on a dicey board game with Wario’s very own rules. Move alongside your friends in these laugh-worthy contests where everyone can get excited.

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