Since its introduction in Pokémon Sapphire Version and Pokémon Ruby Version, the Luxury Ball has established itself as the Poké Ball of choice for Trainers that want to provide their Pokémon with a cozy place to relax. Collectors can bring that touch of elegance home with the Luxury Ball by The Wand Company, available at the Pokémon Center. Since The Wand Company first began making their highly accurate die-cast replica Poké Balls, they’ve produced a wide variety of them.

The Luxury Ball stands out, even among the other replicas, for its lavish good looks. The Luxury Ball by The Wand Company features an iconic blend of deeply colored surfaces with highly reflective, polished metal-plated finishes. The glossy black body and red accents are offset by the luxurious chrome-plated raised rims running around the center of the Luxury Ball. Featuring the same touch- and proximity-sending technology that causes the front button to illuminate in response to nearby motion, the Luxury Ball now available at the Pokémon Center makes for a deluxe addition to any Pokémon collection.

You can pick up the Luxury Ball by The Wand Company for $120 through the Pokémon Center website.

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