I’ve got two questions for those of you reading this. First up, did you/do you have a Pokémon Trading Card Game collection? Second, do you actually know how to play the Trading Card Game? While I’m sure some of you play the TCG quite often, there are no doubt others who’ve never played a day in their life. Don’t worry, as the TCG director thinks that’s just fine.

In an interview with The Guardian, Pokémon TCG director Atsushi Nagashima was asked about those who simply collect the cards rather than playing with them. According to Nagashima, collecting in general is a big part of the Pokémon fun.

Many Pokémon card collectors never actually compete with their cards, of course, but Nagashima doesn’t mind. “I believe that Pokémon cards should be enjoyed in many different ways… so I think it’s fine that people collect the cards and don’t play with them. I think the reason people love the card game is fundamentally that love of Pokémon first, and for many people it’s just fun to collect them. It’s that essence of where, as a child, you enjoy being outside, searching, capturing and playing,” he muses. “That is why I believe [the TCG has] been loved across generations.

[Atsushi Nagashima, Pokémon TCG director]

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