Forever Entertainment is happy to announce that the first of four incoming free DLCs for Magical Drop VI will be available starting today on Switch!

Good and Evil are about to battle for control of Magical Land. Will they manage to unite and restore order in the world of Magical Drop? Embark on a magical journey filled with dynamic puzzles and help unite the land!

Season 1 DLC contains:


Three new characters will be deployed alongside the first DLC:

  • Magician: Don’t fall for his tricks!
  • Emperor: Will you resist his charm offensive?
  • Star: Adorable as always!

Each new character has its own characteristics such as drop patterns, original voiceovers, and unique music themes.

All new characters will be available and unlocked from the beginning!


New soundtracks composed by Satoko “Holly” Young ( have been added to the soundtrack:

  • Emperor’s Theme
  • Magician’s theme
  • Star’s theme
  • Caravan mode theme
  • Survival mode theme
  • Puzzle mode theme
  • Story mode (board screen) theme
  • Room of Fortune (main menu) theme
  • Room of Records theme


The quickmatch option is a convenient and fun mode with pre-set rules for easy online matching. The custom match is where things get serious! This mode lets everyone send private invites and customize their sessions to their liking!


Convenient options were added for instant replaying of matches, characters changing or exiting a specific game mode right at the end of a multiplayer session.


Room of Fortune allows you to test out your daily luck level in four distinctive categories:

  • Health
  • Work
  • Love
  • Money

Once you select a category, you’ll jump right into a minigame! Depending on your performance, you’ll get a final luck score.

Reaching more than 17 total luck score unlocks the Good Fortune status which in return affects the reward in the picture lottery so make sure you check up on your luck daily!


Room of Records lets you compare your scores and performances throughout all game modes. Each category shows your habits, strengths, and weaknesses.

It serves as a reliable performance indicator available in-game.

Season 02 is already in development, and our next area of focus are: multiplayer and competition features together with further development of important aspects in single player modes!

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