Everdream Valley has been updated to Version 1.6 on Nintendo Switch. You can see the patch notes for this update below.

  • Owls – your new best friends! They will protect you from mice but they will also help you out with travels! Get 2 owls and you’ll be able to fast travel between their locations! If you have only one owl you will travel back to the farm.
  • A new breed of sheep will appear in your Valley.
  • Cutting grass with a sword is fun, but not that effective. Show the grass who’s the boss with the brand new Lawnmower!
  • Make your farm even prettier with 3 brand-new types of plantable flowers, each featuring 3 unique versions, for a total of 9 different flower styles!
  • Do you love butterflies? Who doesn’t? You can build a Butterfly House for them now!
  • A mini-pond for your ducks! You can set up a wooden basin-looking mini pond and put your duck in it! But you know what’s fun? The duck will stay inside of it until it sees a snail. Once a snail is spotted, the duck will jump out, eat the snail and run back into the basin. We call it an “Anti-snail turret”.
  • nsect House added – this building will allow you to breed insects – max. 10 per house! Time to relocate? Feel free to catch them with your Bug Net!
  • Bird House added – Friendly birds will now visit this brand-new building, and in return for the house – they will reward you with various seeds!
  • Scared of bees? Use the brand-new Turbo Bee Smoker to scare them away for a longer time!
  • Added 9 new delicious cooking recipes, yum.
  • The price of products has been changed, ensuring a better economy.
  • Added two more saddles for your horses! Enjoy it in green and orange colors.
  • You can now build a bonfire which will help you out with keeping the wolves at a distance!
  • Of course, some minor fixes have been added as well, with the goal of making your Everdream experience even better.

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