Earlier today, we learned that Oswald was going to make his way to Disney Speedstorm as part of Season 5. Just a few minutes later, Disney and Gameloft have announced that Oswald’s main squeeze is making her way over as well.

Ortensia first appeared in the 1927 short film, The Banker’s Daughter as the love interest of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Ortensia tends to show a poetic, romantic, and dreamy personality. She spends every moment on Oswald and is very considerate. With her love for him so strong, she will do anything no matter how crazy or dangerous. When in poetry mode, she tends to sing deep in a jazzy tone. (h/t Fandom)

Ortensia will join Oswald as part of a Limited Time Event in Season 5. We’ll let you know the specifics of that event once Gameloft spreads the word.

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