RedDeer.Games, one of the biggest developers and publishers of independent games, announced an upcoming new in-house indie game – One Night: Burlesque. A detective-style crime story in a unique noir setting will be available today on Switch.

One Night: Burlesque is a visual novel game in which players can delve into the heart of a tarry noir tale, where the fluff of peacock feathers, and sequins darkens under the influence of crime lurking in the shadows.

Players will step into Hollie’s high heels – a top-notch dancer of the exclusive burlesque club Angels Den. On the surface, the world seems as ordinary as we all know it…. but that’s not entirely true. Humanity possesses supernatural abilities that drive them insane if they do not use ODDERAL, a drug that suppresses their effects.

The story will drive through an unexpected event, as Hollie with her telepathy discovers that someone is planning to murder her dearest friend after tonight’s performance.

Will players solve the mystery of Hollie’s friends’ murder?

Hand-drawn graphics maintained reminiscent of the noir style, three endings reliant on the player’s decisions, a captivating soundtrack, and many mysteries to be uncovered – this colorful array of possibilities will be unveiled to players behind the curtain of One Night: Burlesque.

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