Voltage has revealed a worldwide release of three otome visual novels coming to Nintendo Switch within the next two years. Check out the description and trailer of each game below, you can find the official website of the announcement here.

Project Code Neon Mafia (releasing 2024)

“From the depths of a neon city comes a declaration of war.”


Young members of the Mafia fight, rebel, and entrust their hopes to their friends to fight corruption, confront evil, and challenge fate.

Project Code Kaleido Tower (releasing 2024)

“Turn it all into a beautiful display. Your folly, your weakness, your shame… Your corpse.”


Youths with unique abilities living under oppression enter a tower submerged in an endless dream. There, they will delve into themselves, their friends, and the people they love.

Project Code Vampire Hunter (releasing 2025)

“Humans and Vampires. A game with the world’s fate in the balance is about to begin.”


A dark fantasy about two worlds, human and demon, where solitary vampire hunters now gather to fight with the world’s fate at stake.

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