Odyssey Interactive has put out a new video for Omega Strikers, and it shares a bit of bad news about the game. It appears that after 2023 wraps, those who are enjoying Omega Strikers won’t have any new content to interactive with.

The video above shares a number of details on the future of Omega Strikers, and it’s not exactly a bright one. Here’s what to expect for the free-to-play title going forward:

• By the end of this year, the Odyssey team is pivoting to work on new games set in the Omega Strikers universe.

• Servers for Omega Strikers will stay on and the devs will continue releasing balance updates for the foreseeable future.

• The team is also planning to polish up the custom games tool and ship some other quality of life updates before the end of the year.

• After this year there won’t be any more new skins, maps, strikers, awakenings, or Striker Passes.

• Any purchases you made in Omega Strikers will carry over as premium currency granted to you in our next game.

It’s tough out there for GaaS releases and always-online titles, and Omega Strikers seems to be the latest casualty of that battle. Get out there and enjoy Omega Strikers while you still can, as it’s clear the title’s best days are sadly behind it.

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