Patch 1.1.5 for Horse Tales: Emerald Valley Ranch is now available and it brings quite a few additions, corrections and fixes. It also includes the Arabian Horse DLC as well. You can get details on this patch and the DLC below.


  • Added Horses in Pastures: your owned horses now spawn in pastures you build on your estate. - You can saddle and mount any pasture horse to make it your active riding horse.
  • Added Shaking reaction: your horse will now shake off water from their coat after riding through water and after being washed
  • Added a new music track variationfor the Pirate Cove area
  • Added 6 new riding outfitsto the player’s wardrobe
  • Added usable hitching posts – you can now tie your horse to many fences or rails that were previously only decorative


  • Improved feedback for when horses are stressed/terrified and fixed faulty stamina consumption on stressed/terrified horses
  • Rebalancing: The Race against Lili in the Meet Lili Mission is now easier to beat for the quest to continue. If you’re chasing that challenge, you still have the higher scores to compete with though! Please Note: this fix unfortunately won’t affect old saves, if you’ve already interacted with the race/leaderboard.
  • Rebalancing: Your horses don’t get dirty and unkempt from failing jumps quite so quickly anymore. And remember: a dirty or unkempt horse is not slower! The only downsides of a dirty horse are the aesthetics, and the fame you gain from races.
  • Wild Horse Genetics Adjustments: We’ve tweaked which genetic combinations show up in the wild herds. Specifically, we’ve increased the chances that the Palomino and Buckskin phenotypes have a higher chance of spawning in the wild, and increased the chances for solid horses (without Leopard or Tobiano markings) to spawn in some herds.


  • Fixed the “Rare Horses” event that Kikki tells you about: The special horse herd now spawns correctly and is marked on your map.
  • Map Markers for Events: Related to the above, we now have map markers showing up for all special events that you receive mails for, to make it easier for you to snatch those extra resources or rare horses.
  • Special events now end, either when the player completes the event (e.g. by picking up the additional resources) or when the player rests.
  • Fixed an issue with horse genetics where Palomino horses would falsely look like Chestnuts in some gene configurations
  • Fixed the feathers’ color on Irish Cobs: The long hair on Cob’s feet is now colored correctly based on the color of the horses’ lower legs (“points”) rather than that of their main coat
  • Fixed several potential crashes during main missions.
  • Fixed a bug where main mission mails would sometimes not show up in your mailbox correctly.

Arabian Horse DLC

  • A new horse breed arrives on Cape Emerald! The Arabian horse model is distinguished by its characteristic dished face, slender limbs, straight back and high tail set.
  • The Arabian horse will spawn in the wild once unlocked, alongside the Selle Français and (if you have that DLC as well) the Irish Cob.
  • The Cape Emerald Arabians come in all colors and can be crossed with the other breeds in the game for Part-bred Arabians.
  • Included in the DLC are four traditional Arabian tack sets: Get your horses all tassled up in one of these stylish Arabian tack combos!

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