Retro Studios has quite the history with Nintendo, working on some of their biggest franchises to create some incredibly memorable installments. At this very moment, Retro is continuing their legacy by making Metroid Prime 4 the best it can be, as they know expectations are sky high.

Retro’s track record speaks for itself, as they’ve released a great deal of AAA experiences, but that’s not all the company has tackled. Retro has also toiled away on original projects and other Nintendo adaptations, but sadly they never saw the light of day.

In the latest video from Did You Know Gaming, we get to hear more about games that Retro Studios spent months, if not years on, just to have them shelved indefinitely. The video covers titles like Adept, as well as Raven Blade, Car Combat, The Blob Game, and more. You may have seen some of these games in the past, but there’s others that have only just been unearthed!

If you just want to hear the specifics on the newly-discovered games, Adept and The Blob Game, you can read bullet points below.

**Adept **

  • was playable in a rough state for Wii
  • used the Metroid Prime 3 engine
  • worked on in 2007 and into early 2008
  • took inspiration from Portal while evolving on the premise
  • included a combat mechanic
  • featured teleportation cylinders that the player could use in an unlimited fashion
  • there were also force cylinders that would push anything inside upwards
  • the attraction cylinder would magnetize the player to attract a heal item or repel projectiles
  • fire and ice cylinders were available for combat
  • Nintendo and Kensuke Tanabe shot down Adept

The Blob Game

  • a physics-based 2D puzzler where you play as a sticky blob
  • the title was in development for DS
  • use the touch screen to stretch the blob in one direction, then let go to fling it
  • development was far along
  • Retro was considering adding Mario’s boo enemies to the game
  • Nintendo shot down the idea
  • tooling from its development found its way into Donkey Kong Country Returns

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7M ago

Man, it’s always a bummer to hear about some of these original Retro IP that Nintendo squashed. I’d love to see Retro release something special instead of just churning out sequels to existing Nintendo IP. Granted, they always do an incredible job at that, but that’s one of the main reasons I’d love to see them be given the latitude to create their own Nintendo exclusive IP.