Anyone who’s played COCOON knows that the game is all about orbs. Not only do orbs contain whole worlds to explore, the orbs are key to the entire experience. Each orb not only lets you travel to a new land, but it also imbues you with a special ability. These orbs are used to mix and match mechanics in order to solve puzzles and explore the game’s greater mystery.

COCOON already has some unique orbs that give the player some fun and deep mechanics to play with, but it turns out the team behind the game considered at least 2 more orb designs that didn’t make the final cut. In an interview with Eurogamer, COCOON designer and director Jeppe Carlsen reveals that the team toyed with rhythm and static orbs that would have both offered intriguing gameplay possibilities.

“I think my biggest problem with it (the rhythm orb) was, you unlock these different paths with the different orbs, but it doesn’t mean that you are using them all the time. You are using them occasionally. And then, just having this rhythm just going… It’s so annoying. It’s like why? Why is this going about and, like, popping?

All sorts of mechanics would go rhythmical… the idea was that you could then jump into this world, and then you could configure the rhythm from the inside, so you’d eventually find the rhythm heart or whatever, inside the world. There, you could maybe offset or like, extend the rhythm. So you get a different tempo on it, which you could then use in the other worlds in a different way and stuff.

Basically, if you can imagine that you have an orb, you jump into the normal orbs that you can jump into, but then you place another object like the static orb over here, then when you jump into the other world, it’s like the static orb just stays [on the screen]… It is this weird science fiction mechanic.

You jump into the world but the static orb sort of punctuates, it punches a hole through dimensions.”

[Cocoon designer and director Jeppe Carlsen]

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