Fortnite remains one of the most popular battle royales out there, with millions of players logging in every week to try and capture that elusive victory royale. While the game was doing very well overall, there’s no denying numbers had dropped since Fortnite was at its peak popularity years ago. That all changed this weekend, as Fortnite has managed to reached a brand-new height in terms of total players.

Epic recently launched the OG Season of Fortnite, which saw the game bring back its original map in all of its huge, sparse glory. It seems that both dedicated Fortnite fans and lapsed players couldn’t resist flooding the map, as they showed up in droves for a bit of nostalgia. Their support helped Epic set a brand-new concurrent player total this weekend.

According to the latest numbers, Fortnite managed to reach a stagger 6,172,463 concurrent players over the weekend, a new high point for the series. It’s clear that bringing back the original map really resonated with those who haven’t touched Fortnite in quite some time. The question is, can Epic get them to stick around after the OG Season ends this month?

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