Back at launch, we saw Spider-Man 2 and Super Mario Bros. Wonder battling it out on the UK physical software charts for their debuts. The power of the wall-crawler was just too much for Mario and the gang to overcome, pushing Super Mario Bros. Wonder into second place overall.

In the week following in the UK, we saw Super Mario Bros. Wonder take the #1 position on the software charts. The title was down 55% week-on-week in terms of sales, but that’s actually a smaller drop than you usually see. Spider-Man had fallen to #2 that week, with sales dropping 69% compared to last week.

While we’re still waiting on the specifics of the weekly UK charts, we do know that for its third week out, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has once again secured the #1 spot. As we head deeper into the holiday season, it’s likely we’ll see Mario hanging very close to the first place position for quite some time.

As for WarioWare: Move It!, things didn’t go nearly as well. The game made its debut with this week’s UK charts, but it clocked in all the way down at #15 overall. Not exactly a stellar showing, but hopefully the digital side of things make up for the lackluster retail start.

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