As we head into the month of November, the final month of the Pokémon GO Adventures Abound Season, Trainers around the world are looking to battle for their final rankings in the GO Battle League. From newer players trying to hit the Ace Rank for the first time to seasoned players fighting for that highest leaderboard position, everyone will have a chance to battle it out in the upcoming Electric Cup and Catch Cup.

In a new article, Pokemon Co. dives into the unique metagame (or “meta”) of the Electric Cup and the seasonal Catch Cup. The Electric Cup will take place from November 3 to 17 and the Catch Cup will follow from November 17 to 24. The Electric Cup’s first and second weeks will run concurrently with the Great League and Ultra League, respectively. The Catch Cup will be the only format available during its week.

If you’d like some helpful pointers on how to best approach the Electric Cup and Catch Cup, you can read what Pokémon Co. has to say here.

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