Morgana, the (self-proclaimed) Grand Gentleman of the Phantom Thieves, is revealing the latest news about Persona 5 Tactica (releasing November 17, 2023)! This sixth installment is only available in Japanese right now, but we’ve still got a translation of the finer points. (h/t Siliconera)

This time around, Morgana gives us some info on the Persona 5 Tactica ‘Repaint Your Heart’ DLC, which features events that run parallel to the story of Persona 5 Tactica. In it, Joker, Akechi, and Yoshizawa visit a location in the Metaverse where they encounter Guernica, a world-famous masked street artist.

In the real world, Guernica’s art depicts the anger of the less fortunate. In the Metaverse, Guernica is accompanied by a talking pink parrot named Jerry, and she’s hunting down anyone wearing mouse costumes. One person Guernica is after is Luca, who intends to stop Guernica from running wild.

The main party in this DLC will have Joker, Akechi, and Yoshizawa, and combat has been changed up. In battle, you’ll have to use the correct environment and color of paint to attack enemies. If you damage an enemy, they paint their surroundings with their team’s color. When you attack on top of their team’s color, characters will be unable to guard.

Last but not least, this DLC will include Challenge Stages that unlock after you complete both the main story and DLC episode. If you’d like to see more screens and art for this DLC, you can find a gallery here.

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