BlizzCon 2023 has come and gone, and with it we got a lot of news about what’s next for Overwatch 2. While Mauga stole the spotlight for most of Blizzard’s presentation, we also got a sneak peek at the Season 14 Hero, Venture.

Venture is a damage-class character who will also be the game’s first non-binary Hero. Venture is described as a Canadian “swashbuckling archeologist” who totes around an absolutely humongous drill. This drill lets Venture travel underground for safe passage, and then they can burst up under an unsuspecting team to cause damage.

There’s more to Venture’s drill than just digging, though. Turns out the drill also provides an explosive projectile and gives Venture a dash move as well. As for Venture’s ultimate ability, that is being kept under wraps until a later date.


Last but not least, we got a teaser for the game’s next support hero, currently codenamed Space Ranger. Space Ranger will be joining the game in Season 12 as the first Martian, and she’s described as a “highly mobile support hero who has quite a bit of vertical mobility.”

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