Behaviour Interactive is thrilled to announce that Stranger Things, the critically acclaimed Netflix Original Series, is back in Dead by Daylight. In celebration of Stranger Things Day, players can explore once again The Upside Down and get the full Stranger Things experience.

The return of the Stranger Things Chapter for Dead by Daylight means that The Demogorgon is back in The Fog as a Killer, while Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington are back as Survivors descending from the Midwestern town of Hawkins.

A perfect hunter, The Demogorgon is, for its part, a vicious testament to the horrors lurking in the Upside Down, a fitting choice for The Entity. Capable of traversing the Map through a series of Portals, it chases down prey with ferocious intensity, finishing things off with a lunging strike. The Underground Complex Map will bring players back to a grim compound with an inter-dimensional rift that released dozens of creatures before being sealed off.

Players would be remiss not to grab their favorite Outfits for Nancy and Steve (as well as for The Demogorgon), as ALL Stranger Things Cosmetics are coming back to the in-game store, including the beloved Jonathan Byers Outfit and the Scoops Ahoy Outfit for Steve.

The Stranger Things Chapter is available for purchase right now on all supported Dead by Daylight platforms. As for today’s Stranger Things update, you can find the complete patch notes here.

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