Final Fantasy VII is one of the most important entries in the Final Fantasy franchise, if not the most important. It was the installment that really helped the franchise break through outside of Japan, and paved the way for the heights reached nowadays.

While the entire cast of Final Fantasy VII is beloved by most fans, there seems to be quite the following for the main villain, Sephiroth. Fans don’t just love the bad guy, they seem to fawn over him. To use a more modern-day vernacular, there are plenty of people out there who come off really thirsty for Sephiroth!

Have you wondered what it is about Sephiroth that makes him so alluring to millions? Turns out Tetsuya Nomura, the man who designed Sephiroth, wants to know as well. In an interview with Shacknews, he openly pondered why it is that so many FFVII fans can’t get enough of the antagonist.

As far as Sephiroth being this extremely popular character, frankly, I’m very curious as to what makes him so attractive to users, because I hear this opinion very often. His appearance, firstly, I’m sure, but also perhaps there is something about his background that brings about a particular appeal to so many of the players that makes him this iconic character.

[Tetsuya Nomura]

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