Back in July we reported on The Last Hope, a blatant Last of Us ripoff released on the Switch eShop, and now it seems the same company is trying again with an even more blatant mimicry of EA’s Burnout series.

GameToTop a.k.a. VG Games a.k.a. Midnight Works dropped “Burnout” last week on the eShop and while the title might have you believe it’s a new entry in EA’s series the truth is anything but. Watching any footage of the game shows it’s of an extremely low quality and with bare bones content throughout it’s a shock they were able to use the Burnout name.

Considering The Last Hope was eventually removed from the Switch eShop it wouldn’t be surprising if this game follows soon. While Nintendo’s vetting of games on the eShop has been questionable in the past I really can’t imagine how this game got through.

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