Nintendo Switch Sports features unlockable rewards that players can gain from earning points in the game’s online mode. That has left some people wondering. What if you don’t have NSO but still want to unlock rewards for when your friends and family want to play?

Thankfully Nintendo seems to have thought of this and included a “trial mode”. In this mode you will compete against very easy bots and earn points just like you would in an online match.

To access the mode all you need to do is attempt to go online while logged into a profile not connected to an NSO account.

The message that's displayed when entering trial mode
The message that's displayed when entering trial mode

Even if the CPU’s are very easy it’s good that Nintendo considers those who can’t afford Switch Online when making features like this. Now people who simply bought the game to play locally can unlock the rewards they want.

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2y ago

But… each user earns their own points. So if I have a NSO membership, do I have to play online to earn points?

If I use a guest profile, the guest will get the points right?