Re-Ment reveals 'Kirby Wonder Room' diorama series

See what Kirby does when he's not saving the world

07 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

Re-Ment has a long history of working with Nintendo and HAL on some absolutely gorgeous Kirby merch, and that collaboration is set to continue with a whole-new line.

Re-Ment has revealed their “Kirby Wonder Room” series of figures, and they’re set to launch on Feb. 19th, 2024 in Japan. This brand-new lineup includes six stackable diorama figures, and they all show off Kirby’s day-to-day life in a series of rooms in his home.

Fans will be able to purchase these dioramas on an individual basis, but Re-Ment also plans to give an option that includes all six releases in one package. No word on the date for that option has been shared, nor do we know pricing for either the individual pieces or bundles just yet.

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