Harry Potter fans have been waiting a long time for Hogwarts Legacy to arrive on Switch. There were numerous delays and setbacks, but it seems the most recent release date info is still in play. The game is set to arrive on Nov. 14th, 2023, and today brings us our very first look at how the Switch version in action. (h/t VGC)

It took literally years to get just some screens of the Switch version for Hogwarts Legacy, and those were released a couple of weeks ago. Screens are one thing though, as you can’t beat seeing the game in action. While we don’t have the highest-quality look at the Switch version in motion, we do finally have some gameplay to share.

The above video showcases Hogwarts Legacy running on Switch in portable mode, and we get a shoddy off-screen camera view of the action. This kind of footage always goes a long way in hiding blemishes and issues, but with that said, this port still looks rather promising. It appears all the delays and time spent crafting a native Switch port might have paid off!

UPDATE: Some more direct-feed footage has been shared following the first official Switch trailer for Hogwarts Legacy. You can take a look at the gameplay below.


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7M ago

The video was removed, but if the game looks and play like what I saw, it's going to be good enough.


7M ago

Due to my open world fatigue I lost every ineterst I had in this game...
Do you guys still remember the first three HP games for the Gamecube? They were awesome!