Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been out and about since October, which means it’s a prime time for some quick tips. Nintendo has a few tips articles in the works, so keep an eye on your Nintendo Switch News feed for more content. Let’s power ahead with some power-ups!

Elephant Form

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. You’ll really pack(yderm) a punch with this transformation!

You’ll get some extra strength in Elephant form, so use it to your advantage. Break blocks and push stuff with some extra oomph!

Your trunk is great for swatting both enemies and blocks. Don’t forget that you can also crouch and swing your trunk as well (elephants never forget, but you might!).

Oftentimes, you’ll hold a bit of spare water in your trunk when you get wet. Try swinging your trunk to spray this water on a wilted flower bud or something hot to see what happens. (Or perhaps on a Goomba too … )

Try saying “Wowie zowie!” out loud when you transform. It won’t change anything at all, but it might feel right.

Bubble Form

Bubble, bubble, toil and wonder! This transformation is ideal for taking down enemies and performing tricky jumps.

True to its name, this power is all about bubbles. You’re able to make bubbles that home in on certain enemies and instantly defeat them.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, use these bubbles as makeshift platforms. Bubbles move in a straight line in front of you, so some careful planning and jumping will get you far … literally. Just remember that bubbles will pop once you jump on them.

Make bubbles while doing a spin jump to release bubbles to the right and left of you at the same time. This can be handy when you’re surrounded by enemies.

Drill Form

You’ll know the drill after this quick overview. This power-up is great for players who like to sneak around undercover.

Tilt down the Left Stick to burrow under certain types of ground. While underground, try to position yourself directly under an enemy and then jump up—this can be an easy way to defeat them. And if you press down while in the air, you’ll be able to drill through certain things below you.

Try jumping into certain ceilings as well. Explore around while you’re up there—some ceilings may even take you to hidden areas.

The drill on top of your head might also give you extra protection from enemies that fall on you. What a pointed lesson to learn!

Fire Form

Get fired up with the Fire Flower! It’s a classic for a reason.

(You might be familiar with this one already, but it’s always nice to get a refresher.) Launch fireballs that bounce around! They may also give you an edge against icy blocks.

Remember that you can also toss fireballs while crouching.

Like the Bubble form, try doing a spin jump while shooting fireballs.

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