As part of Nintendo’s latest fiscal results briefing, the company shared some updated stats on The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Here’s the latest figures Nintendo has produced:

  • highest grossing film based on a video game
  • second-highest grossing animated film of all time
  • gaming fans and non-gamers alike went to see the movie
  • there was a broad age range among viewers from children to seniors
  • $1,361,250,000 cumulative global box office revenue
  • seen in theaters by 169.84 million people in theaters
  • the movie was released even in regions where Switch is not sold
  • many people have seen the movie through physical media sales and video streaming services
  • the movie increased awareness of the IP and sparked affection and interest in many viewers
  • sell-through of evergreen titles related to Super Mario from April through September increased appreciably year-on-year
  • mobile app downloads and merchandise sales also increased

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