As part of Nintendo’s latest fiscal results briefing, the company shared a look at how they are always looking to expand the reach of their IP through methods outside of games. That includes mobile apps, Nintendo Accounts, Nintendo Live events, stores and more. You can see a full breakdown of how Nintendo reaches outside of games below.

  • total number of downloads for mobile applications distributed by Nintendo exceeded 860 million
  • Nintendo mobile apps are in 164 countries and regions
  • Nintendo says these mobile applications have provided opportunities for many people to interact for the first time with Nintendo IP, helping to draw their attention and elicit interest
  • Nintendo believes Super Nintendo World creates opportunities for a wide range of consumers to connect with Nintendo IP, regardless of their gaming experience
  • Universal Studios Japan plans to open a new area themed after Donkey Kong in 2024
  • this will expand Super Nintendo World to to 1.7 times its current size
  • with merch, Nintendo highlights the characteristics of each IP so consumers gain a deeper attachment to their games and characters
  • Nintendo is collaborating with a variety of partner companies in and outside of Japan
  • by teaming with these companies, Nintendo is creating opportunities for many people to interact with their characters, including those who are not very familiar with games
  • Nintendo doesn’t want their flagship stores to only be places where they sell products like video game systems, software and merchandise
  • Nintendo wants store visitors to experience games and enjoy events at these locations
  • Nintendo says these locations can serve as important points of contact with consumers and help spread information about Nintendo
  • Nintendo is also running pop-up stores to ensure that as many people as possible can enjoy the official store experience
  • Nintendo intends to convey the appeal of Nintendo IP outside of games through efforts like pop-up stores
  • the Nintendo Museum in Uji City, Kyoto will aim to broaden visitors’ understanding of the company through exhibits and experiences intended to communicate Nintendo’s philosophy and approach to creating products
  • Nintendo will share more information, such as the opening date, at another time
  • Nintendo Live events offer various ways to experience Nintendo IP and welcome many attendees with Nintendo Accounts
  • Nintendo believes these events provide a broad variety of opportunities for attendees to come into contact with Nintendo IP
  • over half the attendees of Nintendo Live came with their families
  • Nintendo says Nintendo Live events are full of smiles and attended by people of all ages, the spirit of Nintendo they aspire for

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