Nintendo Accounts hit over 330 million users

Accounting for millions of users

08 November 2023
by rawmeatcowboy 0

As part of Nintendo’s latest fiscal results briefing, the company shared a look at the importance of Nintendo Accounts and how far they’ve reached. You can see a breakdown of the details below.

  • there are 330 Nintendo Accounts worldwide right now
  • prior to the introduction of Nintendo Account, Nintendo says it was not easy to maintain users’ information across platform generations, including details such as software purchases and gameplay records
  • the introduction of Nintendo Account made it possible to tie a user’s history to their personal account
  • Nintendo says Nintendo Accounts are a foundation upon which Nintendo can maintain a lasting relationship with consumers
  • even in regions where Nintendo Switch is not sold, mobile applications have brought the Nintendo Account system to a wide range of users around the world
  • Nintendo will strive to further spread Nintendo Accounts and grow them into a vital business foundation for Nintendo heading into the future

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