Star Ocean The Second Story R came to Switch on November 2nd, 2023, and a week later fans can now pick up the official soundtrack digitally or physically (in Japan). This launch is being celebrated with a brand-new soundtrack promo trailer that you can give a watch above.

The Star Ocean The Second Story R soundtrack packs in a whopping 4 discs of tracks straight from the game, giving you hours upon hours of tunes to enjoy. Fans of the original game release will be happy to know that this soundtrack includes both the songs straight from the PlayStation release, as well as the arranged tracks found in this remake.

If you want to pick up the physical version of this soundtrack, you can snag it right now from Play-Asia for $32. If you’d like to go the digital route, you can find a number of options through this link. If you’d like to hear samples from every song in the soundtrack, check out the album’s official site.

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