Chucky, the infamous killer doll from the cult classic films as well as Universal Content Production’s hit series on USA & SYFY (US) and STACKTV (Canada), is the newest Killer to step into The Fog in a new Dead by Daylight Chapter. Players would be remiss not to experience his playful cruelty on November 28 when the newest Dead by Daylight Chapter launches from Behaviour Interactive in collaboration with Universal Products and Experiences. Until then, those who dare can discover thrilling new gameplay mechanics that everyone’s favorite “Good Guy” brings into Trials in the time-limited public test build on Steam.

Players should not underestimate the power of this Killer, nor should they underestimate his foul mouth. With new lines voiced by none other than Chucky’s original voice actor Brad Dourif – a question emerges: what is more scathing, his knife or his tongue?

With effective tools for sneaking around the Map, Chucky is a force to be reckoned with, utilizing his Slice & Dice ability to lunge forward and attack unsuspecting Survivors. Though his height does have its limitations, Charles Lee Ray, in his human form, appears as a spirit to assist him in Hooking Survivors, as well as interrupting them while they’re Vaulting or Repairing.

On the other hand, his stature gives him an incredible advantage while hunting, forcing Survivors to always keep both eyes and ears open. His larger-than-life rage and pint-sized build let him vault through windows and under pallets allowing him to close in on his unsuspecting prey, unlike any other Killer before via his Scamper ability. From the iconic rat poisoning scene from Curse of Chucky, the deathly yardstick from Child’s Play 2 or even the electrifying TV from Bride of Chucky, there are a variety of add-ons inspired by iconic moments bringing the franchise to life while elevating action for players.

Like a tiger on the prowl, you’ll only ever know where Chucky is on his terms; terms that usually involve a knife and his many weapons of choice. He adds such a fun flavor of jump scare to the game, and his voice lines are a darkly comedic twist to the gameplay of Dead by Daylight.

Players will be able to customize their little Killer through a series of terrifying outfits fit for only the most notorious of serial killers. In a unique twist, players can even go as far as customizing their Killer with The Good Gal outfit – inspired by Tiffany Valentine aka the Bride of Chucky and voiced by the legendary Jennifer Tilly, this outfit brings Chucky’s other half to life like never before.

The Dead by Daylight: Chucky Chapter will be available on all supported platforms on November 28.

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