Spells and Secrets 'Fireblade Student Induction' trailer

A fire burns within these students

08 November 2023
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On behalf of Greifenstein School of Magic, we look forward to welcoming YOU - our next generation of witches and wizards! Members of the Fireblades are competitive personalities who strive for perfection and like to prove their skills in magical contest. Make sure to visit our Fireblade student faction representative, Alfred, in the school hub to learn more about the faction of nature and their signature spell: Rebuke.

Maximum Entertainment publisher Merge Games and developer Alchemist Interactive recently revealed that the wizarding school rogue-like ‘Spells & Secrets’ will be launching on 9th November for Nintendo Switch.

In this cozy magical action-adventure, embark on your first day as a wizarding student at the magical Academy of Greifenstein. A mysterious incident sets strange releases wild creatures and an ever-changing chaos to reign over the school. It’s up to you to set out and restore order, solving puzzles and finding powerful artifacts as you develop your powers.

Following it’s hugely successful Kickstarter campaign, ‘Spells & Secrets’ achieved over 400% of its funding goal and more than 2,500 backers along with a growing community on social media looking for brand new wizarding worlds to inhabit.

‘Spells & Secrets’ is available to pre-order now at all good retailers, including Signature Edition Games for only £29.99 / $34.99 / €34.99 on Nintendo Switch.

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