Welcome to the shadows of the annual Castlevania-themed episode. Jeremy is sort of running low on relevant Castlevaniae to talk about here, at least in terms of games he doesn’t intend to cover in their own right someday as part of Works, so it’s a good thing that patron Joseph Wawzonek requested Jeremy tackle Konami Wai Wai World, huh?

Wai Wai World is technically only about 1/7 Castlevania by biomass, but realistically speaking, Castlevania is one of the few levels you can defeat without acquiring certain character skills or bulking up your team to soak up abuse from the bad guys. So for most of us, it’s basically “that one Castlevania game that also has a lot of other dudes in it.”

An interesting game bursting with good ideas, but definitely one that falls into line with Konami’s ambitious-but-flawed (not to mention wildly unbalanced) NES titles like Castlevania II and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… games with which it shares a lot of creative concepts in common.

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