A demon-snake-monster girl? A bridge of cheese? Meat people?! There’s so much to explore in Super Crazy Rhythm Castle it can make your head spin. Worry not, this explainer video is the perfect guide to King Ferdinand’s crazy castle adventure!

It’s Super Crazy Rhythm Castle, the chaotic rhythm adventure! A puzzling co-op mashup unlike anything you’ve ever heard – work together to think outside the box while keeping your combo. Solo, or with a band of up to three friends …Can you conquer the castle?

An unforgettable journey with a light heart and a tapping foot. You’ll become one with the music and the madness. Unlikely heroes, approach Rhythm Castle! Inside, the unhinged King Ferdinand awaits, ready to defend his crown and ruin your day. Overcome his twisted challenges and beat him in his own game. Throw beans into an ancient summoning ritual. Shut down a giant eggplant DJ. Cover tiny meat people in gravy for reasons that we promise will become clear. All while keeping the beat!

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