Suika Game has been the talk of the town lately on Switch. While Super Mario Bros. Wonder is leading the way in terms of Switch software sales right now, Suika Game is right behind it. We’ve already heard just how great the game is doing, but today brings us another update on just how big the game has grown.

The latest update on Suika Game reveals that the title has sold a staggering 3.66 million units worldwide. The game saw a surprise release on the Switch eShop in NA/EU on Oct. 20th, and just 3 days later we heard the title broke the 2 million sold mark. Less than a month later, the game has poured on another million+ in units sold!

The breakdown for Suika Game’s sales is still very Japanese heavy, as the title hasn’t had nearly as much time on the NA/EU eShops as it has in Japan. As things stand now, Suika Game has sold 390k units in NA/EU and 3.27 million in Japan.


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